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Computer Gaming Gaming discussions covering personal computer gaming and console gaming such at the Sony PlayStation & Microsoft Xbox.

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Old 08-26-2019, 12:27 AM
fredpeterson543 fredpeterson543 is offline
Senior Member
GB Guru
Join Date: Jul 2013
Posts: 154
Default 2K gaming -Which to upgrade first - monitor or GPU ?


I have got it into my head that I would like to move up to gaming at 2K rather than 1080p so my first question - is this worth doing over 1080p? If so any advice from people doing this would be appericated, interested on your experiences moving from 1080 to 2K. (or not and sticking to 1080p)

(NOTE - I am not a online FPS gamer, this is farcry, fallout 4, Watchdogs 2- single player type of games I play)

Second question and this question is basically due to money constraints. I can only afford to change the GPU or the monitor at this time so which one ?

I have around 400 and I was planning to upgrade my GPU from a AMD 480 8GB to either a 5700 XT or a RTX 2060 super depending on what happens with the 5700 XT 3rd party models coming out this month.
Both of these cards are able to do 2K gaming and its about as much as I want to spend on the GPU.
But I only have a 1080p monitor at present so until I get another chunk of cash for a decent 2K monitor there will be little change to my gaming if I do this. So do I get the monitor now instead and play at 1080p on it while I save for the GPU or get the GPU and save for the monitor ?

Basically will playing 1080p on a 2k monitor be crappy - are they any 2k monitors good at running at non native resolutions ?

I haven't bought a monitor for years and I am looking at a 2K 27" 144 mhz models around 400 - is this possible or am I chasing unicorns at this price ? I think I want min 27" so is dropping the refresh rate or response time worth it to get the price down ? or save more money and dont compromise e.g ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR which is 579

lots of questions here thanks for any help.

CPU - i5 8400, 16GB ram in case anyone wonders. (this was last years upgrade)

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