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Default Looking for a game like Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Hi. Father's Day is fast approaching, and I need a gift for my dad. His favorite game is Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and also enjoys Rainbow Six Vegas 1, and the Splinter Cell games, primarily Double Agent. Since he plays the RS Vegas games so much, I thought I'd try to find something similar to them that he'd enjoy. He owns Call of Duty 4 and also a (I think) recent Ghost Recon game, but doesn't like them that much and says the controls are too stiff. I think he prefers more freedom than those games give. He said he wishes they'd combine Rainbow Six Vegas and Splinter Cell (he likes the freedom of Vegas but many of the other elements of Splinter Cell, such as the graphics, and I believe the story and things associated with it). He likes Delta Force: Blackhawk Down, but says it's a pretty simple game, and I think he likes a greater challenge than that (that's one area where Rainbow Six Vegas works really well for him). Other than that, he's played all three Halo games, but hasn't touched them in ages now.

Can anyone please recommend some good games that fit these traits? Thanks.
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