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This one is a 1999 home built Intel Mb with a slot one 500 mhz Intel cpu. It has a Voodoo 3000 video Card. works great .

I also have a home built MSI 875P Neo FISR , Pent. 4 3.0 Built in 2003. It quit on me last week with a loud pop when I pushed the Start button. Notice Pc power & cooling PSU had something ozing out of a Cap.. Well I installed a new psu. Nothing happened . no beeps no nothing I reset the cmos with every thing on my desk top using only graphics card and Memory. nothing is smoked on the board or other parts. paid nine times as much for this computer and it quit in half the time. so money don't buy happiness.. Intel 99 paid $250. 03 Msi paid $2600.
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